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eRoom migration to SharePoint o365 for a Manufacturing company

Industry: Manufacturing

Company: Manufacturer of power tools, accessories, hardware, home improvement products and manufacturing company based in Connecticut.


Our customer is a leading American manufacturer of industrial tools, household hardware and provider of security products. Headquartered in the greater Hartford city of New Britain, Connecticut, where the company was originally established in 1910.

Our client had the following content migration requirements:
  • Migration of internal & external facing eRoom content to SharePoint Office365.
  • Turnkey migration services were required due to internal bandwidth issues.
  • Content had to be migrated into the expectant SharePoint o365 environment with very specific customer’s requirements and deadlines.

The Challenge:

Risk Mitigation: Moving content from an aging legacy collaboration platform with limited oversight tools that was proving increasingly difficult to manage internally.

Migration to a common platform: SharePoint was selected as our client’s collaboration corporate platform over 13 years ago. The absence of a reliable migration tool and a reluctance to manually move due to heavy business dependency left our client supporting two collaboration solutions watching one flourish and the other wither. As a company our client watched the evolution of SharePoint from their initial on-premise deployment to the O365 offering which the company already started to leverage so moving to a single platform made perfect sense. Their desire to remove the risk associated with the legacy eRoom solution and harmonize by fully leveraging O365 as a platform drove them to seek out a partner that could help them realize that desire. The ability to seamlessly integrate our document and collaboration services with other Microsoft Office tools while standardizing on a common platform was a huge benefit for both IT (from a management perspective) and the business users they support in providing a single repository for all content without the need to support and deploy additional plug-ins to the users’ desktop.


To meet these objectives the Verinon team was engaged to leverage its global migration services in order to accomplish this turnkey migration project.

By deploying our services methodology and using Verinon’s Easy2Share migration tool, Verinon’s delivery team was able to complete the migration on time and within the budgetary needs of the client.

Verinon’s services migration services methodology consists of 1) Analysis of the customers eRoom environment through robust reporting. 2) Planning for issues relating to user permissions and platform differences requiring change management and possible customizations. 3) Extraction of all content and associated privileges from the source system, 4) Transformation of all source content and user privileges through the Easy2Share tool into a staging environment. 5) Loading of all objects into SharePoint. 6) Validation by the Verinon services team that the content is accurate and migrated per customer requirements. 7) Handover of the newly migrated content to business owners/users.

Verinon’s proprietary content migration methodology is in place at numerous companies across many vertical industries within North America and Asian Pacific Regions. Our methodology is proven and offers a guaranteed business result.


The solution has been successfully migrated all contents to SharePoint O365 and have received very positive feedback after several months of the system’s utilization.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

  • Vastly reduced the amount of time necessary to migrate content
  • Allowed for the customer to focus on critical tasks instead of the migration
  • Modification of the migration tool on the fly to accommodate customer’s unique needs
  • Migration of over 8 Terabyte of data with 100% accuracy based on customer need

Technologies: eRoom, SharePoint o365, Easy2Share