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eRoom Migration to Microsoft 365 SharePoint for a Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences Company

Industry: Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Company: One of the World’s largest Multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences


German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Headquartered in Leverkusen, Bayer's areas of business include human and veterinary pharmaceuticals; consumer healthcare products; agricultural chemicals, seeds and biotechnology products and it is founded in 1863.

Our Customer had the following content migration requirements:

  • Migration of eRoom based content to SharePoint Mircosoft365.
  • Turnkey migration services were required due to internal bandwidth issues and lack of knowledge.
  • Content had to be expeditiously migrated into the expectant Microsoft 365 SharePoint environment per customer’s requirements which meant retaining the look & feel of eRoom navigation.
  • The migration had extremely aggressive and strict timelines that needed to be met without fail.

The Challenge:

As one of the largest German manufacturing companies in the world– Their major challenge was ensuring that internal and external collaboration become standardized on a single platform. In this case, Bayer determined that Microsoft365 SharePoint was the desired platform moving forward as its robust functionality could accommodate their needs immediately as well as long term. Because eRoom had been Bayer’s collaboration platform for so many years, there was wide user adoption and assuring a clean transition would be challenging. If this move was going to work, there would need to be a seamless transition of eRoom content and its users/permissions to the target Microsoft365 SahrePoint environment. Minimizing impacts on the user base would be crucial to success.


To meet these objectives Verinon engaged its global migration services team to accomplish this turnkey migration project. By deploying our services methodology and with the use of Verinon’s Easy2Share migration tool set,  our team was able to complete the migration on time and within the budgetary needs of the client.

Verinon’s services migration services methodology consists of 1) Analysis of the customers eRoom environment through robust reporting. 2) Planning for issues relating to user permissions and platform differences requiring change management and possible customizations. 3) Extraction of all content and associated privileges from the source system, 4) Transformation of all source content and user privileges through the Easy2Share tool into a staging environment. 5) Loading of all objects into SharePoint.   6)  Validation by the Verinon services team that the content is accurate and migrated per customer requirements. 7) Handover of the newly migrated content to business owners/users

Verinon’s proprietary content migration methodology is in place at numerous companies across many vertical industries within North America, Europe and Asian Pacific Regions.  Our methodology is proven and offers a guaranteed business result.


The eRoom environment was successfully migrated, in terms of all content, objects and permissions to Microsoft365 SharePoint.  Since going live, we have received very positive feedback from the user community.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

  • Vastly reduced the amount of time necessary to migrate content/users
  • Allowed for the customer to focus on critical tasks instead of the migration
  • Modification of the migration tool on the fly to accommodate customer’s unique needs
  • Migration of nearly 1TB of data with 100% accuracy based on customer need


“Excellent work by Verinon for the migration of data from a large legacy collaboration eRoom to SharePoint on the Microsoft365 platform. Our complex document folder structure is now maintained in the new SharePoint environment very similar to the way it existed in eRoom - providing users the same look and feel. This custom solution helped Bayer meet a very tight project timeline with minimal downtime. The Verinon team was very knowledgeable, efficient, professional and easy to work with.”

Sangeeta Bokil, Team Lead, Platform Services

Technologies: eRoom, SharePoint o365, Easy2Share