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Zenoss Service Dynamics Rapid Deployment Case Study

Industry: Cloud Computing

Company: Largest CRM Cloud & Computing Platform

Summary: Client is the largest CRM cloud company, and wanted to implement Zenoss Service Dynamics as Unified Monitoring Solutions for their hyper converged infrastructure and to proactively monitor and manage their network infrastructure to ensure that the performance of their network devices in the Datacenter and remote locations is stable, in High Availability (HA) mode.

The engagement involved installation, setup, and configuration of Zenoss Resource Manager, Service Impact and Analytics Reporting and to provide product training and knowledge transfer on the installation process and guide designated resources to maintain their network and infrastructure by using Zenoss Service Dynamics 5.X application.

Solution: Client has engaged the Verinon's to provide professional services deployment assistance for Zenoss Service Dynamics. Our team provided Architectural Review and Recommendations, provided installation and deployment of Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x, Service Impact and Analytics Solutions. We have modelled and classify a sample set of infrastructure devices, applications and databases. Configured event management and alerting for client resources. Configured event forwarding with SNMP, provided knowledge transfer for managing and maintain ZSD utility. Trained client designated resources on Service Impact and Zenoss Analytics once the system was stabilized. Our team quickly put together best practice recommendations for best utilization of Zenoss Service Dynamics and delivered same.

Technologies: ZSD 5.X (RM, Impact and Analytics)