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SharePoint Online - Power Apps and Power Automate Solution for a Life Sciences Company

Industry: Life Sciences

Company: Major Life Sciences company


Our customer is a leading multinational life sciences organization based out of North America.  As such, though most of the research process is centralized, much of the clinical trials are distributed with a large amount of it being done at multiple locations around the world.   What has been an issue is that the method of tracking and tabulating the results, adverse reactions and related details has been done in a distributed manner at varying locations globally.

Our customer had the following vision/requirement in the mind:

  • Create a centralized system for tracking of relevant progress as well as setbacks associated with the clinical trials process where each lead will provide the necessary information
  • Eliminate the differences in reporting and tracking from location to location.  Currently, a lot of time is wasted trying to collect all that information into a central database.  The current approach creates a need for double the work, but lacks any uniformity where information is communicated via a variety of options including email.
  • There is no real time tracking where under ideal conditions information is tabulated within a week but in this case there is no concept of real time.

The Challenge:

An independent team effort is already in progress regarding the creation of uniform document management repository in O365 to track the details of the content associated with the clinical trials.  This effort will simply focus on the information gathering of the team progress and high level details.

The process will focus on the following aspects:

  • Eliminate the duplication of effort in providing this progress/update information.  All such information will be entered into the system once and once only at the source
  • Create a uniform capture platform that allows for not only PC based but also tablet or if necessary mobile based capture of information.  Currently some information is written manually at different locations and transcribed at the office.  There is an opportunity to eliminate this and gather information from distributed sources
  • Make the capture of information into a real-time process unlike today where it can take as much as a week to correctly collect and collate all the information.
  • Enable a new set of Dashboards and reports to bring high level visibility to the process.


To meet these objectives Verinon engaged its Power Apps and Power Automate services team to accomplish this turnkey development project.  

  • Created a Power Apps application for specifically information gathering and presentation.  Information will be gathered real time and on multiple platforms including tablet or mobile.  This application also brought uniformity to the process.  In addition, all delays in capturing information were eliminated as the information is recorded real-time and available immediately.
  • Using Power BI created a set of Dashboards and reports to show progress across locations in such a way where comparable.   Created custom views and stored procedures inside the database that the Power BI would call when it needed to present data

Phase II of the solution will include the use of Power Automate to create a data compilation to be added to  capture changes, along with the time and author of the change.  This information is going to be added to the existing tracking information to bring an increased visibility to team leads.

The Verinon team used experience and innovative approach to develop a new low-cost, quick delivery solution that allows for uniformity and visibility in this currently unstructured business process.


The solution has been successfully implemented using Power Apps and Power Bi.  The next phase will include the need to use Power Automate to automatically capture additional information.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

  • Vastly reduced the amount of time necessary to pulling together information from varying geographic location.   What in some cases was taking a week to tabulate and correlate is not pretty much instantaneous.
  • The lack of uniformity in this process has led to confusion and at times additional time for verification not to mention the use of many resources to get the information aligned.  All such issues were eliminated.
  • A set of reports that were being delivered to only management are no longer limited to management at the headquarters.  It is now using dashboards to deliver real time information to team leads at global location.
  • There is no need for IT team intervention that was required each time the information was not synchronized.  Due to the fact that this is a cloud deployed system, all such issues were eliminated.

Technologies: SharePoint Online, Power Apps