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SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint o365 Migration for a Research, development and manufacturing company

Industry: Manufacturing

Company: Research, development and manufacturing company based in California


Our customer is a leading American public research, development and manufacturing company. For more than 15 years, the company has provided analytical instruments, software, services and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow.

The Customer had the following content migration requirements:

  • Migration of SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint O365
  • Re-building/development  of SharePoint 2007 custom  applications  to SharePoint O365
  • Content and development needed to be completed within 9 months.

The Challenge:

As one of the largest public research, development and manufacturing companies in the world. A major challenge was ensuring that internal and external collaboration became standardized on a single platform. In this case, the company determined that Microsoft SharePoint O365 was the desired platform moving forward. Because SharePoint 2010 was the existing the platform in use for a long period of time. There was widespread usage/adoption by their user community. The challenge was re-building their existing SP 2007/2010 custom applications and applying this into the new SharePoint O365 platform. There was a strong need to seamlessly transition SharePoint 2007/2010 users and their content over to an existing SharePoint O365 environment. This transition needed to happen swiftly and with as minimal an impact as possible, so proper change management was key.


To meet these objectives Verinon engaged its global migration services team to accomplish this turnkey migration project.

The Verinon team deployed our services methodology by using our Easy2Share migration approach, as well as using the ShareGate migration tool. Verinon's delivery team was able to complete the migration on time and within the budgetary needs of the client.

Verinon's migration services methodology consists of 1) Analysis of the customers SharePoint 2010 environment through robust reporting. 2) Planning for issues relating of user permissions and platform differences requiring change management and possible customizations. 3) Migration of all source sites through the migration tool into production SharePoint O365 site collections. 4) Validation by the Verinon services team assuring the content was accurate and migrated per customer requirements. 5) Handover of the newly migrated content to the business owners/users.

The Verinon development team rebuilt all the SharePoint 2007 custom applications into the new platform using SP Client API framework and deployed all new custom applications into the Azure platform.

Verinon's proprietary content migration methodology is in place at numerous organizations across many vertical industries within North America and Asian Pacific Regions. Our methodology is proven and offers a guaranteed business result.


The Verinon team successfully migrated all source site collections to SharePoint O365, as well as re-developed each custom application and ported them onto the O365 platform.  To date, the system has been successfully running without issue.  Usership of the O365 platform has expanded as a result and our client is seeing steady productivity gains.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

  1. Vastly reduced the amount of time necessary to migrate content
  2. Allowed for the customer to focus on critical tasks instead of the migration
  3. Modification of the migration approach on the fly to accommodate customer’s unique needs
  4. Migration of several terabytes of content and over 600 Content databases with 100% accuracy

Customer Quote:

"Verinon has been a long-time, trusted partner in our endeavor to leverage SharePoint Online and OneDrive as our primary systems for content management and collaboration.  The focus on the Microsoft 365 ecosystem helped us achieve substantial cost savings and increased collaboration across the company.  Reliable, fair, and committed to quality, Verinon played a vital role, especially in data migrations from other systems. Verinon will continue to be a go-to partner as we now also bring Teams and the Power Platform into our adoption focus."

 – Luke Merrill, Director Collaboration Services, Agilent Technologies

Technologies: SharePoint 2007, 2010, SharePoint 0365