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Oracle Stellent ECM migration to SharePoint

Industry: Medical Devices

Company: Our customer is a maker of scientific testing equipment and supplies a slew of bioanalytical and electronic measurement tools, including data generators, multimeters, and oscilloscopes. The company offers centralized lab research, too. They have more than 25,000 customers worldwide.

Summary: As one of the largest makers of scientific equipment – standardized on a single platform for collaboration was of paramount importance to our client. Their existing collaboration platform was outdated. An executive decision was made to retire this system and move to Microsoft SharePoint 2007 based system as the corporate standard. The Verinon team needed to create a migration service/solution that would be able to accommodate moving their highly customized data structures to custom SharePoint. The migration would need to accommodate multiple sites dispersed around the globe, which required a 24/7 migration approach.

Solution Summary: Verinon deployed our Easy2Share Stellent to SharePoint migration product. As a result, the Easy2Share platform migrated all of our customer’s content to SharePoint with pinpoint accuracy. Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are; seamless migration of content from Stellent to SharePoint, accommodation of custom content/meta-data from Stellent to SharePoint, on the fly customizations to Easy2Share for customer’s unique needs resulting in more than 3 terabytes of Stellent data migrated to SharePoint.

Technologies: Oracle Stellent 5.x, SharePoint 2007, Easy2Share