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Jive 4.0 migration to SharePoint o365 for Canada based Life Insurance Company

Industry: Insurance, Reality

Company: Leading Canadian based Corporation


Our customer is a leading is a Canadian based Corporation, which includes companies in the domains of Life Insurance and Realty (property and asset management). The company is focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians. As a leading Canadian insurer, they have interests in life insurance, health insurance, investment, retirement savings and reinsurance businesses operating primarily in Canada and Europe.

The Challenge:

Our client’s major challenge is ensuring that internal and external collaboration standardizes on a single platform. In this case, the company determined that Microsoft SharePoint Office365 was the desired platform moving forward. Jive collaboration had been the system of choice for a long period of time and as such had wide usage / adoption by their user community. There was a strong need to seamlessly transition Jive Content and their associated permissions over to an existing SharePoint o365 environment. This transition needed to happen swiftly and with as minimal impacts as possible.

Main Challenges Associated with Migration Approach:

  • Even though our client is one company, they have many different branches of the Company and each
    had their own unique migration approach for its specific branch.


To meet these objectives the Verinon team was engaged for global content migration services in order to accomplish this turnkey migration project. By deploying our services methodology and using Verinon's Easy2Share migration tool, Verinon's delivery team was able to complete the migration on time and within the budgetary needs of the client.

Verinon's services migration services methodology consists of

  1. Analysis of the customers Jive Content through robust reporting.
  2. Planning for issues platform differences requiring change management and possible customizations.
  3. Export of all Jive Content to FileShare and Migration of all exported content and associated Metadata (Created, Created By, Modified) from the source system to SharePoint o365 business
  4. Transformation of all source content and metadata through the Easy2Share tool into a staging environment.
  5. Loading of all different types of Jive objects into SharePoint o365.
  6. Validation by the Verinon services team that the content is accurate and migrated per customer requirements.
  7. Handover of the newly migrated content to business owners/users.

Verinon's proprietary content migration methodology is in place at numerous companies across many vertical industries within North America and Asian Pacific Regions. Our methodology is proven and offers a guaranteed business result.

This approach centers on the following steps that have proven critical on each such migration:

Planning: This initial step includes an evaluation of existing Jive environment, including an Easy2Share assessment process which includes a proofof-concept migration of a sample Jive content(s) with the purpose of establishing a plan and schedule for the migration process.

Analyze Content: The next step is to analyze the existing Jive content and make any necessary adjustments if necessary from within the source Jive. This is also the necessary step to plan for an in- process data transformation.

Migrate: The next step is to Migrate all the data from Jive to SharePoint o365

Verify / Validate: Finally, this approach calls for an active verification and validation of the results. The Easy2Share process involves a series of Analysis, pre-extract, and post-import reports to validate the process. In addition, there are audit logs at each step review each step in this process.

Result: There are several things one must properly match from the Jive environment to one in SharePoint o365. In addition to proper matching, the result has to be auditable and verifiable.

Full Auditable: In addition to the fact that detailed logs are created as part of the Process, both summary and detailed reporting both as it relates to users and objects is incorporated into both the Jive and SharePoint o365 end of the process.


The solution has been successfully migrated all Jive contents to SharePoint o365 and have received very positive feedback after several months of the system's utilization.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

  • Vastly reduced the amount of time necessary to migrate content
  • Allowed for the customer to focus on critical tasks instead of the migration
  • Modification of the migration tool on the fly to accommodate customer's unique needs
  • Migration of nearly 1Terabyte of data with 100% accuracy based on customer need

Technologies: Jive 4.0, SharePoint o365