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EMC Captiva Implementation

Industry: Financial Services

Company: Our customer is a leading Swiss private banking group providing their customers with investment advice and diversified wealth management solutions.

Summary: Our client was in need of a Browser-based scanning solution for a globally distributed workforce. The functionality they required included; Batch scanning with ability to rescan and insert newly scanned images to existing batches, secure online scanning to ensure information protection, searchable scanned PDFs for easy retrieval and a centralized system for increased system response time.

Solution Summary: Verinon developed a custom scanning solution leveraging the EMC Captiva elnput platform. The solution simplified the document scanning process with browser based scanning, eliminating the need of installing client applications. EMC Captiva eInput enabled the customer to scan documents, import files, and add key index information. eInput was integrated with EMC Captiva InputAccel, enabling remote transactional paper-based processes to be integrated into a centralized back-office processes. Following processes were automated to enhance the productivity of users in our client’s global offices; Booked accounts documents, EAM documents, Credit documents, Employee Documents Common documents, Finder documents.

Technologies: EMC Captiva 6, eInput 2.1