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Content Management System on Documentum

Industry: Telecommunications

Company: Our client is a telecom company with significant market share in the Mobile, TV and Broadband Services telecommunications industry.

Summary: Our customer was using a custom web order taking system and wanted to replace their data warehousing component of the system – TCM (legacy transactional content management system) with EMC Documentum's Content Server. Documentum 6 Content Server was chosen as a replacing of TCM because Documentum 6 provides library services for the content it stores through Documentum Foundation Services, (DFS) with a web services component. Our customer required the following: Document Filing from the web order-taking system, Encrypted Storage, Digital Document Signing, Signature Validation prior to retrieval Migration of contents from legacy TCM system to Documentum 6.

Solution Summary: The deployed EMC Documentum Content Server solution enabled the storing of the client’s contracts directly into secure storage without utilizing a database as temporary storage. The need to provide a separate call to trigger the archival of the contract was redundant and was removed from the new process, creating efficiency and securing documents with encrypted, Trusted Content Services. In addition, Verinon developed a migration tool using DFC (Documentum Foundation Classes) to ensure a smooth migration of content from the legacy content management system to the EMC Documentum repository with migration audit trails validating the successful migration of all content.

Technologies: Documentum Content Server, DFS, Trusted Content Services, Documentum Administrator